Our Revolutionary Product

More Efficient Farming Cost
Reduce Chemical Use to Preserve Environment
Increase Plantation Revenue by Optimizing Quality and Quantity of Yield
Maximize Productivity Period and Reduce Replanting

What is GroYield?

GroYield is the better sustainable, eco and cost-efficient solution to fertilize plantation. It is the nutritional formula concocted for Direct Application method, from the result of many years of scientific and practical Research and Development in the lab, followed by intensive application on test-site rubber plantation.

Who We Are

About Us

GroYield Holdings Berhad (GHB) is established with the mission to growing global farming yield.

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GroYield celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2018! Let’s take a look back at our big milestones.

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GroYield has been proven to improve latex yield. Find out how much your revenue could have increased!

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