“We aim to provide sustainable, eco and cost efficient solutions to support the agriculture industry growth by increasing the crops productivity while reducing the use of agrochemical”
Vision Statement

Groyield Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is established with the mission to provide a sustainable solution for agriculture plantation, in terms of eco and cost efficient.

The distinctive green technology that the company possesses is among the industry’s finest invention- Groyield.

Groyield is a revolutionary agrochemical product as it is a class of its own- a Complete Nutritional Liquid Fertilizer. Back to 2008, the unique formula of Groyield was concocted for rubber trees, as the result of many years of scientific, practical research and development in the lab, followed by intensive application on test-site.


“Redefine Fertilization”

Our Core Values


The courage to shape a better future.


We love what we do.


Creative is what we emphasize.


We deal with all stakeholders and our team with integrity and honesty.

We tell it like it is to encourage openness and transparency.


We respect all stakeholders and one another in all we do.

We respect the environment and communities in which we operate.


This is how we address our teammates.

We cherish each other and fight together until the end.

We watch each other’s back.


Committed in heart and mind.


We are always ready, full of energy and new ideas.


What we do, we do well.

What we promised, we deliver.

Our Mission

To enhance the living quality of farmers.

To deliver our technology to all the rubber plantation globally through strategic partnerships.

To establish research collaboration for concocting sustainable, cost and eco efficient farming method for different plantations.