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Mr. Kung (left) and Mr. Asli presenting the award certificate and Distinction Ticket

Penang – Result from strict selection process, GHB outstood among 44 participating entrepreneurs from various industries throughout Malaysia with The Excellent Accelerate Entrepreneurs Award at International Entrepreneurs Business Conference 2018 organised by Legnacap Berhad.

The 2-days business conference was attended by investors from Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. In conjunction to the award received, GHB was also presented the Distinction Ticket that advances the company to private meetings with prospect Venture Capitalists and Private Equities.

“Agriculture is an industry “behind the scene” that contributes substantially to the general economic development of each country” said Mr. Ronald Kung, the COO of GHB.

“It provides food and raw material to almost all non-agriculture sectors! It also provides job opportunities supporting millions of families especially in the rural areas” he added.

Mr. Sherzali Asli, the General Counsel of GHB urged the investors to come together revolutionising the agriculture industry with GroYield healthy farming formula and system for a greener future.

During the press interview, Mr. Kung thanked customers, partners, and associates, who have been supporting their growth; investors for supporting the industry; as well as trusting GroYield and the team!

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