Indonesia Effectivity Test Report Recorded 3 Times Increment of DRC

Effectivity test has been conducted since March this year and endorsed research report was released by Indonesia Rubber Research Centre.

Rubber Trees with TPD

On observations until end of June 2018, the results of GroYield trial on the total Tapping Panel Dryness (TPD) or commonly known as Brown Bast (BB) trees have shown significant improvement by able to produce latex in the second month (from 8 gram/tree/tapping to 19.8 gram/tree/tapping).

Increment of Latex

Trees with GroYield application has also achieved positive result of significant Dry Rubber Content (DRC) increment from 159.6% to 305.2%, result from comparison against control rubber trees (trees without application of GroYield nor stimulant product).

Full endorsed June 2018 report by Indonesia Rubber Research Institute: Balai Penelititan Report June 2018 (Endorsed)

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