Indonesian Rubber Research Institute Collaborates with GroYield

BOGOR, INDONESIA – DECEMBER 18, 2018 – GroYield Holdings Bhd (Malaysia) from Malaysia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indonesian Rubber Research Institute (IRRI). This MOU represents both parties’ interest to collaborate with each other and thereafter enter into a joint venture partnership in the early part of 2019.

GroYield first paid a courtesy visit to IRRI two years ago to introduce its product for rubber trees. GroYield’s product is in a class of its own and contains various nutritional components that can provide a sustainable solution for Indonesian rubber plantations by enhancing the health and life-span of the trees. Importantly, GroYield’s product is capable of preventing and curing diseases such as ‘rubber tree cancer’ which is commonly known as ‘tapping panel dryness’ or ‘brown bast’

GroYield officially collaborated with IRRI sometime in the first quarter of 2018 for the purpose of testing and obtaining a comprehensive report on its overall efficacy. The said product was declared a nutritional supplement for rubber trees which is designed to, among other things, lengthen the lifespan of trees and significantly increase its productivity.

Mr. Rouf, the head of research from Getas Research Centre stated: “The recent report generated from amongst the tests: the physiological condition observation experiment through latex diagnosis (LD) analysis, has shown very convincing result”. He added further that GroYield’s product is proven to enhance the health of the trees and is completely different from the current products in the market because it is  capable of distinctly increasing the sucrose level of the trees which in turn is good for the formation of latex.

Following the above, Dr. Thomas, the deputy director of IRRI expressed that in view of the various benefits that GroYield’s unique technology can potentially bring to the rubber industry, IRRI will endorse and distribute this product to rubber plantations within the region.

Mr. Alan Chong, the CEO of GroYield Holdings Bhd (Malaysia) provided a preview of the immense potential of GroYield’s product by stating: “Not limited to rubber trees, GroYield’s product and its full nutritional technique is an innovative technology that can be applied to increase yield and sustainability in agriculture.  It is designed to nourish trees and shrubs so that they can thrive and it also helps them resist devastating diseases without polluting the land. In other words, it is environmentally friendly. Although the process is simple, it requires specialized chemicals, an injector system and adequate knowledge of application techniques,”

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