Interim Report Shows Positive Results

Salatiga, Jawa Tengah – Effectivity test for increasing rubber latex production and against healing tapping panel dryness (TPD) has been conducted by Indonesia Rubber Research Institute and PT Perkebunan Nusantara IX since March 2018.

TPD, which is also known as “Brown Bast” is a physiological disease of the Para rubber tree characterized by a greyish brown or greenish brown discoloration of the inner bark near the tapping cut and a stoppage in the flow of latex. TPD is a serious issue especially in Indonesia where it may take up to 12 months to heal while some even abandon the trees and cost loss of production. This can be resulted from many causes, especially from over usage of latex boosting agro-product.

GroYield trial interim report resulted increase of dry rubber content (DRC) from latex production by 84%, whereas the usual stimulant is only 36%.

After GroYield trial about 1 month (7 treatments), significant healing effect has been shown on trees with complete TPD diseases, as well as the partial TPD affected trees. The trees started delivering lump production of about 1 gram / tree / tapping, to about 25 gram / tree / tapping.

However, during the test period, several GroYield products was found contaminated due to poor handling.

Full interim report by Indonesia Rubber Research Institute:

Progress Report Uji Efikasi GY_Mei 2018

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