How to Apply

The frequency of application of GroYield nutrition depends on the age of the rubber tree. Each application requires only approx. 1 gram of GroYield, applying more will not increase more yield in a shorter period, because this is not stimulant, so the tree needs time to absorb and utilize the nutrients and trace minerals in GroYield. Applying more will not harm the tree, but will go to waste.

The recommended application frequency as follows:

  • Every 30 days for tree aged between 5 ~ 10 years old.
  • Every 15 days for tree aged between 11 ~ 20 years old. Every 10 days for tree aged 20 years old and above.
  • Every 5 days for dry bark trees (TPD). Usually this will take 2 ~ 3 weeks before latex production can go back to normal volume. After that, the application frequency only required as the normal recommendation mentioned above.
  • Before application, shake the bottle well.
  • For healthy and currently tapped rubber trees, remove the dry scrap from the tapping groove.
  • Gently and evenly apply GroYield (approx. 1 Gram) along the prepared groove with a soft tooth brush taking care that water does not come into contact with it over the next 3 hours. Thereafter leave it a minimum of 24 hours for best result.
  1. GroYield works efficiently under hot weather
  2. To get BEST results, GroYield should be applied between 9.00am to 3.00pm.
  3. Rubber scrap (dry latex layer) should always be removed from tapping groove before application.
  4. Do not mix GroYield with any other chemical or water.
  5. Do not expose GroYield to direct sunlight or heat.
  6. Keep the container always closed and store at room temperature.
  7. Besides the correct use of the product, the current health of rubber trees, appropriate weather and right soil conditions are important factors that will influence the effectiveness of GroYield results.

Each bottle of GroYield contains active ingredients.

  1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight when storage
  2. To avoid contamination, separate GroYield in a different container; if application is expected not to be done is the same day using the same bottle of GroYield.
  3. Use within a week after opening.


Why is GroYield suitable for rubber trees?

GroYield contains the nutritional elements which are needed by rubber trees.

How does GroYield maintain the health of rubber trees?

GroYield is a formula designed specially for rubber trees. It provides sufficient nutrients for the daily activities such as photosynthesis, respiration, metabolism and increases resistance to disease.

How does GroYield lengthen the productive life of rubber tress?

Application of GroYield as recommended schedule ensures that rubber trees always get sufficient nutrient for daily activities. Healthy rubber trees yield premium quality latex.

How does GroYield promote growth of foliage?

GroYield provides sufficient nutrients such as nitrogen and magnesium to ensure the health of trees, which in turn encourages an exuberant of foliage.

How does GroYield heal bark dryness?

GroYield contains vital nutrients and other healing factors which are easily absorbed by the tree’s bark. The bark gradually heals and repairs the latex vessels at the same time.

How does GroYield help strengthen young branches?

GroYield provides adequate nitrogen and essential micro-nutrients, which reinforce the rubber tree’s internal structures.

How does GroYield improve latex yield?

GroYield provides ample nutrient to maintain the health of rubber trees for increased latex production.

How does GroYield improve latex DRC?

Regular application of GroYield ensures the trees get sufficient amount of nitrogen and other important micro-nutrients to maintain the quality of latex.

How does GroYield reduce rubber tree diseases?

GroYield provides adequate nutrients to maintain the health of the trees which indirectly impart resistance to disease.

How does GroYield help nurture the bark of the rubber trees?

GroYield provides sufficient amount of micro-nutrients to maintain the health of the bark.

How does GroYield improve rubber tree bark’s thickness?

GroYield product provides ample amount of Nitrogen, Magnesium, Calcium and Boron to maintain the health of the trees and improve the general metabolism.

Why do rubber trees need GroYield besides primary fertilizer?

The primary route of fertilizer uptake by rubber trees is through the roots. However, this method is not fully efficient because:

  • poor soil condition reduces the ability of soil to retain nutrients,
  • disease infected roots impair the absorption of fertilizer,
  • chemical fertilizer tends to acidify soil, causing a condition known as soil sclerosis which impedes the uptake of essential nutrients by the roots
  • a major amount of fertilizer is leached away by rain water. Application of GroYield through the tapping groove ensures maximum nutrient uptake by the bark and into the latex vessels without obstruction.

What will happen to rubber trees if over dosed?

Over dosage can lead to negative effects. Accumulation of large amount of nutrients can stress the tree to an extent that growth may be compromised.