"Less for More" A Better Sustainable, Eco and Cost-Efficient
Solution to Fertilize Oil Palm Plantation.

The One Complete Solution

Our technology successfully combines the perfect formulation of balanced nutrients that palm trees need. It is concocted in gel form with microscopic particle that tree can absorb effectively via tree itself but not through soil (Root). The fertilization process can be streamlined by using only GroYield. The required nutrients carry specific roles in growth of oil palm as well as its yield and crop quality:

Less Chemical, Less Cost, Less Work

Depending on tree age and condition, amount needed for ONE TREE PER YEAR of GroYield is ranged from 60gram to 120gram and above. This is a variation of more than 90% agrochemical usage reduction compared to conventional broadcasting fertilization.

Plantation operator will be able to streamline fertilization process as a result of significant less agrochemical usage with GroYield. In addition to cost saving for agrochemical, there are also many other cost factors that can be diminished such logistic, warehouse, pollution management, disease treatment, stimulation and weed management.

The main challenges of application of fertilizers through broadcasting are:

  • Nutrients cannot be fully utilized by plant roots
  • Weed growth is stimulated all over the field
  • Nutrients are fixed in the soil as they encounter a large mass of soils
  • Nutrients run off through leaching

With GroYield technology, small amount of fertilizer used increases the uptake, in terms of total uptake by several fold over the amount of fertilizer applied.

Direct Application

Image Structure of Oil Palm Trunk

GroYield is a bark penetration surfactant designed for fast, uniform absorption when applied. The lenticels open and enables movement of the nutrients into the plant’s vascular transport system.

There are two recommended methods to apply GroYield into oil palm depending on the tree age. They are the Post Pruning Application (PPA) technique and the Trunk Application (TA) technique.

Both PPA and TA techniques enable the vascular transport system: phloem and xylem to carry macronutrients and micronutrients around the plant body from trunk to leaves, root as well as to other parts of the plant that require nutrients.

This method greatly reduces applicator exposure and don’t need to treat surrounding soil.

Harvesting & Oil Palm Yield

  1. Fully mature oil palms produce 18 to 30 metric tonnes of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) per hectare.
  2. The ripeness of FFB harvested is critical in maximizing the quality and quantity of palm oil extracted.
  3. Harvested fruits must be processed within 24 hours to minimize the build-up of fatty acids.
  4. 130 trees in a hectare Malaysia / 150 trees in a hectare Indonesia

Recommended Application Guideline


Why is GroYield suitable for oil palm?

GroYield contains the balanced nutritional elements which are needed by Oil Palm.

How does GroYield maintain the health of oil palm?

GroYield is a formula designed specially for Oil Palm. It provides sufficient nutrients for the daily activities such as photosynthesis, respiration, metabolism and increases resistance to disease.

How does GroYield lengthen the productive life of oil palm?

Application of GroYield as recommended schedule ensures that oil palm always obtain sufficient nutrient for daily activities. Healthy oil palm yield quality FFB.

How does GroYield promote growth of foliage?

GroYield provides sufficient nutrients such as nitrogen and magnesium to ensure the health of trees, which in turn encourages an exuberant of foliage.

How does GroYield help strengthen young branches?

GroYield provides adequate nitrogen and essential micro-nutrients, which reinforce the oil palm tree’s internal structures.

How does GroYield improve fresh fruit bunches FFB yield?

GroYield provides ample nutrient to maintain the health of trees for increased yield production.

How does GroYield reduce oil palm tree diseases?

GroYield provides adequate nutrients to maintain the health of the trees which indirectly impart resistance to disease.

How does GroYield improve tree health?

GroYield product provides ample amount of Nitrogen, Magnesium, Calcium and Boron to maintain the health of the trees and improve the general metabolism.

What will happen to oil palm trees if over dosed?

Over dosage can lead to negative effects. Accumulation of large amount of nutrients can stress the tree to an extent that growth may be compromised.

What will happen to oil palm trees if over dosed?

Over dosage can lead to negative effects. Accumulation of large amount of nutrients can stress the tree to an extent that growth may be compromised.