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Complete Nutritional Liquid Fertilizer Groyield provide complete food for the growth of leaves, trunk, root, improves yielding and/or flower/fruit production. It enhances the health of plants which leads to an optimal yield. It also serves to optimize production lifespan. This product, as well as enhance overall plant health.

Complete Nutritional Liquid fertilizer is concocted for trunk application. It can be fully absorbed through the vessels and efficiently reaches the root. This product contain all the nutrients that tree needs. There will be No need to control weeds as no competition with tree roots for nutrient absorption

This product is ideal rubber tree during its tapping stage.  No stimulant is required. Latex yield increases gradually after using Complete Nutritional Liquid Fertilizer. This can be observed within the first week of application. It is formulated to achieve the highest yield by providing adequate supply of all the required nutrient elements essential to rubber trees. User can notice the tree bark become softer and thicker that makes tapping job much easier.

Application Method

Trunk Injection / Tapping Groove


Nitrogen (N)  1.72%
Phosphorus (P)  0.69%
Potassium (K)  1.19%
Calcium (Ca)  0.21%
Magnesium (Mg)   14ppm
Sulphur (S)   0.05%
Boron (B)   3ppm
Copper (Cu)   0.03%
Iron (Fe)   5ppm
Manganese (Mn)   2ppm
Molybdenum (Mo)   0.07ppm
Zinc (Zn)   3ppm

Note: The above analytical test result is performed by (G-TACr) Malaysian Rubber Board Laboratory No. CM/1901/0301 using test method UPB/P/045 and UPB/P/058

Shelf life

24 months

What’s in the box

1 unit x Complete Nutritional Liquid Fertilizer (300gram)

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