Rubber Board Sabah: Groyield Can Replace Conventional Fertilizer

Kota Kinabalu – Groyield fertilizer trial has resulted in encouraging report by Sabah Rubber Industry Board (better known by its Malay acronym, LIGS – Lembaga Industri Getah Sabah).

LIGS report shows increase of rubber production ranges from 59% to 113% in the average of 86%, where as much as extra revenue of RM537.50 can generated from 200 trees (per quarter) with the current rubber price of RM2.80. The report also highlighted that besides streamlined workmanship, much spaces can be saved with the significant reduction of chemical, which is only 4.8 kilogram of Groyield fertilizer compared to 300 kilogram of NPK fertilizer for nourishing one hectare (400 trees) of LIGS plantation annually.

Mr. Sabdil Bin Tanjong, General Manager of LIGS concluded his report by mentioning that based on the outcome of trial, Groyield fertilizer can replace conventional fertilizer to increase productivity and efficiency of rubber tree production.

“This is the first endorsement by among the rubber board officials, which suggests using Groyield fertilizer to bring more net income than using broadcasting fertilizer for rubber trees” said Mr. Alan Chong, the Executive Director of Groyield Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. “I wish our product can help especially the smallholders to reduce their farming cost while increasing the quantity and quality of rubber production especially during this new norm of Covid19 pandemic” he added.

The said onsite trial was initiated in September 2019 with the objectives to validate the effectiveness of Complete Nutritional Liquid Fertilizer (“Groyield fertilizer”) towards the rubber trees at LIGS Training Centre Trial Plot, Tuaran. The trial is also conducted with the focus aligning with the mission of LIGS, which is to enhance the efficiencies among smallholders in producing rubber based on the economy perspectives.

Throughout the trial, no dry bark cases or any negative effects has been reported. On the contrary, some of the dry bark trees showed sign of healing and began to produce latex after using Groyield Fertilizer.

With the similar anticipation to reduce cost and increase revenue, Groyield Malaysia has recently ventured into agrochemical for oil palm plantation.

LIGS Trial Report can be viewed HERE

Photo taken on 12 September 2019 during initiation of trial at Tuaran site.
From right: Mr. Adrian Ting, Managing Director of Lian Lee Kimia Sdn. Bhd. (Groyield Sabah Distributor), Mr. Alan Chong, Executive Director of Groyield Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and Mr. Mohd. Redzuan Awang, Pegawai Penguatkuasa & Latihan (PPL) holding Groyield fertilizer.

About the Trial

Groyield Fertilizer is a local invented fertilization technology with the anticipation to reduce the use of chemical while able to maintain or enhance the yield production of, especially oil palm, rubber and fruit trees. It is also concocted to substitute the use of conventional soil fertilization and rubber yield stimulation system.

The objective of the trial is to validate the proposed effects of using Groyield Fertilizer as a complete solution for rubber plantation to achieve:

  • Reduce cost: Lesser agrochemical use including fertilizer, disease treatment, weed management, stimulant and etc.
  • Enhance quality of latex: Optimize the dry rubber content (DRC) percentage.
  • Increase Yield: Optimize quantity of rubber latex production.
  • Reduce replanting: Enhance tree health to extend tree production period.
  • To treat diseases: Cure and prevent diseases including the “Rubber Tree Cancer” which is commonly known as Tapping Panel Dryness or Brown Bast.
  • Cleaner environment: Reduce chemical use that lead to pollution of soil, ground water as well as air, which causes over-contribution of nitrous oxide to greenhouse effect.
  • Streamline workmanship: Simplify logistic and application method of fertilization in the form of conventional chemical or organic.

Groyield Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. holds the exclusive production right of Groyield fertilizer agrochemical technology.

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