Sustainable Rubber Tree

GroYield strives to revolutionize the farming method in rubber industry, which will greatly encourage profit maximization of plantation as well as reduces pollution to our mother earth through sustainable practices to “use the right product at the right time” as the following:

PlantingFertilizerAdditives for providing nutrients and to enhancing effectiveness of soil by modifying aeration and water retention.
TappingGroYield – NutritionOptimize the health of trees and prevent disease for sustainable premium grade latex production; as well as soften tree bark for more efficient tapping.
ReplantingATEX – StimulantBoost to extract the remaining latex from the tree before felling.


Many plantations including government, corporate, and smallholders in the rubber industry throughout Southeast Asia have been using stimulant product such as ATEX to increase and to achieve the latex production target.

ATEX is a biotechnology that functions as stimulant or booster to optimize rubber production, through the mechanism of increasing turgor and osmotic pressure inside the plant that cause tip of latex vessel opening more optimal after tapping. The results of research and application in the field, the active use of stimulant has been shown to increase the production of latex significantly compared without stimulants.

However, the consistent use of stimulant has a great impact of reducing latex production in long run. According to surveys, almost all plantations that use stimulant have been practicing not normative and not balanced fulfillment of nutrients to the rubber trees and lead to negative impact on plant health and sustainability of production.